Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mystery Shops Galore!

I have spent years trying to get into some sort of Work At Home or Mystery Shopping. I have seen so much. Most pages want a 'small fee' for their ebook. I will admit, I paid a couple times for them as long as they were under $10. Even though I have read many articles that tell you straight out that a legitimate company will never ask you for a penny. What if the $10 led me to a legitimate opportunity? Was it worth risking a few bucks? Sure, why not. Of course, most of the information in these ebooks led me to a dead end or outdated sites.

Yesterday I was browsing a link someone had posted on Facebook...not that I can remember who it was or anything...and it had another link that led me to a page with other links. I liked the 'healthy foods under $1' and was going to look at it. But another link caught my eye. Make Money From Home. I want to contribute to my family's income but not pay childcare or work opposite shifts from my husband. Why not look at it? This article was a couple years old, but still had some useful info. Most of the comments were spam. Other people wanting you to sign up under the same opportunity they had been suckered into that only paid you if you got people to sign up under you. I don't want that. I'm not a person who can say 'Hey this is a great opportunity...all you have to do is get others to sign up under you'. That is MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and usually the only ones that profit are the originators. I have done the direct sales/home party route with a good quality and well known company, but it's difficult to book enough parties to keep your income steady.

I am already signed up with a company that I have done some auditing for, but the extra exposure to other opportunities never hurts! Auditing sounds a bit intimidating, doesn't it? It makes me think of everyone's favorite bureau...the IRS. This is much simpler. I have had to print out a list per audit, go to said retail location, and look for the item on the shelf. Upon finding it, sometimes you have to count how many are in stock. Other times you simply have to match the UPC/barcode with the tag on the shelf and make a note of the price.

There is a lot of time involved in finding these legitimate websites. I am considering writing an ebook with the links I have found. If I do, I may charge a small fee...but offer a money back guarantee within a time frame.

For now, I will keep researching the links I find.