Thursday, January 10, 2013


My hubby joined the gym yesterday. We were going to go together this morning, but my ankles are a little tender from all this cycling. So he got up with the kids and got them on the bus (which is rare due to his work schedule) and woke me up but I said no. I kinda feel bad, but I had decided to hit the gym on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I already went every day this it's really that I've gone more than planned. Last night I didn't snack, in hopes of figuring out if that has anything to do with weighing more in the morning. The scale said 193.4 so I think there is a connection. Aaaannd I just got a call to remind me of an appointment tomorrow morning. Guess I will be hitting the gym tonight after dh gets home! UPDATE...I went when dh got home from work. Did a mile on the treadmill and 2 miles of spinning.

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